Friday, July 18, 2014

Cleveland willing to offer Wiggins for Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers are now willing to trade this years number one pick, Andrew Wiggins, for all-star forward Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves.  The Cavs would offer Andrew Wiggins, last years number one pick Anthony Bennet, and first round pick.  Personally, I think that is to much for Love.  A more reasonable deal might be Wiggins and the first round pick.  If the Cavs and Timberwolves agreed to that deal both sides benefit.  Minnesota can add Wiggins and start rebuilding right away.  Wiggins has the potential to be the next Lebron.  He could be a steal for the Timberwolves.  Cleveland obviously benefits because they can add Kevin Love to an already amazing team.  They could use the starting lineup of: Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Lebron James, Kevin Love, and Anderson Varejao.  They would also have young bigs Tristan Thompson and Anthony Bennet.  Both are loaded with potential.  Anthony Bennet had a good summer-league and is looking to play up to his potential this year.  In the future the Cavaliers could have a developed Bennet and Kevin Love in their front court.  Trading Wiggins for Love to me is a no brainer.  The Cleveland Cavaliers would trade and unproven talent for an already proven all-star.  If the Cavs acquire Kevin Love, they are automatically title contenders for many years.

Stay tuned for updates on Kevin Love's status.

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