Friday, July 25, 2014

The Latest on the Kevin Love Saga

The market for Kevin Love is still wide open.  Realisticly only the Cleveland Cavaliers have a legitimate shot at landing Love.  The Chicago Bulls offered Minnesota Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott, and Nikola Mirotic for Kevin Love.  Minnesota denied that offer.  They also denied an offer from the New York Knicks.  New York offered Tim Hardaway Jr., Iman Shumpert, and Amare Stoudemire for Kevin Love.  Again the Timberwolves denied the offer.  At this point what deal will attract the T-Wolves to deal Love.  The T-Wolves may be waiting for an offer from Cleveland including number one pick Andrew Wiggins.  Today Wiggins signed his rookie contract with Cleveland.  This means he can not be traded for 30 days.  Hmm.... So if Minnesota wants Wiggins we will have to wait another 30 days for the trade.  At this point of the offseason we are all sick of the waiting games.  First we have to wait for Lebron's decision, then Carmelo and Bosh, and now we have to wait for Love.  Right now Minnesota is a cold place with cold hearts.  Minnesota needs to hurry up and share some Love before we all become impatient.  

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