Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Carmelo Anthony Does Not Expect to Win a Title This Year

Carmelo Anthony told reporters he does not expect tot win a championship this year.  Anthony said, "I do not expect to win a championship this year.  That's something that takes time and everything has to be in sync, from management to players.  We have much work to do, but something that drives me.  I know we can start creating the foundation of what we do.  It's the start of a good process."  Anthony may be right that the Knicks won't win the title this year, but why say it.  Nowadays stars are saying all the wrong things.  Like James Harden's comments on the Rockets.  Saying he and Howard are the cornerstones of the team.  Carmelo can work with this young team to make them contenders next year though.  Melo has slimmed down and lost weight this offseason.  Maybe he will finally get in shape and become dominant.

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