Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Are The Toronto Raptors Are For Real?

Raptor's Point Guard Kyle Lowry Celebrates
During the Raptors Win on Drake Night
Tonight, the Toronto Raptors defeated the Brooklyn Nets 105-89.

Kyle Lowry led the team with 20 points and 12 assists.  They ended with 6 players scoring in double digits and capitalized on the Nets mistakes by scoring 19 points off of turnovers.

Overall, it was a typical night for the Raptors.  Kyle Lowry played his normal game, just over his 19.6 PPG and 7.6 APG.  They also scored 2 points under their 107.5 PPG average.

Toronto has won their last four games and is starting to make a run.  But the question is; are they for real?

Well one thing's for sure, Toronto is among the top of the NBA offensively.  They rank 2nd in the offensive efficiency rating, only behind Dallas.  They also rank 13th in defensive efficiency.  Although it's not great, their defense still is efficient enough to allow the Raptors to win games with offense.

The Raptors as of tonight are 20-6 and have beaten top teams such as Atlanta, Washington, Memphis, Cleveland, and Milwaukee.  So far, they are off to a red hot start and are standing atop the Eastern Conference standings.

Toronto is now set to bring their high powered offense out west.  On December 27th, they play the Clippers in Los Angeles.  They then go on to play Denver, Portland, and Golden State.  When the Raptors head out on their road trip it's time to prove themselves.  We already know they can win in a weakened Eastern Conference, but can they defeat the giants out west?

In order to get to the NBA finals the Raptors will have to go through the Bulls and the Cavaliers, but they have what it takes.  They have a high powered offense and a solidified star in Kyle Lowry.  He also has a great supporting cast who can push their team to the next level when it's needed.  It will be interesting to see if the Raptors can prove themselves out west and show us they are a legitamate NBA title contender.  Our prediction is they will be fighting to get into the Finals once spring time rolls around and the playoffs are in full swing.

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