Friday, December 5, 2014

Wayne Selden Leads #11 Kansas in Their Comeback Win

Selden Dominated With 21 Points Tonight
#11 Kansas entered tonight knowing they had to play a good game to get past Florida.  In the first half it seemed they had forgotten that though.

Florida picked apart the Kansas defense early.  They had great penetration and sensational ball movement all started by point guard Kasey Hill.  He finished with 5 points and 8 assists.

Freshman Devin Robinson also played good in spurts for the Gators and finished with 13 points.

Kansas went into halftime down 39-24 and Bill Self knew he had to make changes.

Coming out of halftime, Kansas made those changes.  They went on a 19-3 run to take a 56-52 lead.  Cliff Alexander and Wayne Selden led the Jayhawks' run by doing all the little things.  Alexander had 12 points and 10 rebounds, while Selden dominated the game and had 21 points.  The Jayhawks' guard scored clutch bucket after clutch bucket down the stretch to win the game for Kansas.

Although Florida had a great first half, they fell apart in the second.  They settled for deep jump shots inside the arc and missed multiple layups.  The Gators also had Kasey Hill on the bench with about 7 minutes to go and without him had no one to run their offense in a time of need.

Kansas ended up winning 71-65 after their huge second half run.

#11 Kansas played up to their true ability tonight, but only in the second half.  Hopefully the Jayhawks can carry over momentum and keep up their great play.  With their win they improved to

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