Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Florida's Dorian Finney-Smith Posterizes His Defender on the Game Winning Dunk.

Last night the Florida Gators defeated Alabama 52-50.  So how did they pull it off?  Well, Dorian Finney-Smith's poster dunk with about 20 seconds left was the game winning basket.  Not only was it a clutch bucket, this was also a crazy dunk.

These were Finney-Smith's only 2 points in the whole game, but boy were they needed.  Florida moved to 11-9 with this win.  So far their season has been a huge disappointment.  They started off the season ranked, but it turns out they are no where near that feat.  And I don't see them beating Kentucky in the SEC tournament at the end of the season.  Unless a huge turnaround comes, I don't think the Gators are going to be playing in March this year.

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