Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kyrie Irving Drops 55 Points in the Cavaliers' Win

Tonight, the Cleveland Cavaliers clicked off their 8th straight win.  They beat the Portland Trail Blazers 99-94.  Kyrie Irving lifted his team with his crazy 55 points, and he also hit a game winning three.

A night after scoring 38 points to assist LeBron in winning against the Pistons game, Kyrie took over once again.  This is the type of performance many expected from the Cavaliers and Irving himself this year.  It seems since they shook things up with getting rid of Dion Waiters, they have found a new groove.

On their 8 game winning streak, Irving is averaging 28.375 PPG.  This is the exact production the Cavs need out of him in order to be one of the top teams in the East, and in the NBA.

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