Thursday, February 12, 2015

George Karl Signs to Coach the Sacramento Kings

George Karl has agreed terms to become the coach of the Sacramento Kings.  His deal is reportedly worth $15 Million over 4 years.

Karl used to be the coach of the Denver Nuggets before he started a battle with cancer.  After beating out cancer he took a job at ESPN which is where he has been working until now.  Karl is known to get players to buy into his system and turn a team of lesser talent into a winning team once they buy into his system.  In his years with Denver he had to deal with many wild personalities.  Some of these include J.R. Smith, Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson, and Kenyon Martin.  With each player he helped control them and ended up getting the most out of them.

George Karl's previous experiences are going to be extremely beneficial for him in Sacramento.  The Kings have a young team filled with potential, and they all need is a system to buy into.  They also have their own wildcard; DeMarcus Cousins.  This year, Cousins is an all star despite his terrible attitude and wild unpredictability.  Karl will need to teach or even just deal with Cousins in order to maximize his potential. 

It's good that Karl has saved up energy while resting between coaching jobs, because he is going to need it while dealing with the Kings.  After all-star festivities conclude this weekend, Karl and the Kings will start working together in order to try to revive their franchise.

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