Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kevin Durant Dominates Against the Denver Nuggets

Kevin Durant said it himself last night.  After drilling a deep, deep, deep three point shot Durant pranced back down the court yelling, "I'm a bad Motherfu**er."  Try to deny that fact last night and the stats will prove you wrong.

In the Thunder's 124-114 win over the Denver Nuggets, Kevin Durant was in high efficiency mode.  He finished the night with 40 points on only 19 shots.  Watch highlights of his dominating performance below:

Durant and teammate Russell Westbrook combined for 66 points last night.  Together they proved that they are one of the NBA's most dominant pairs.  Although it has been rare this season, when both players are healthy and get to play with each other, they are practically unstoppable.  It's very hard to shut down either one of the Thunder's stars or even slow them down.

Right now the Thunder are tied for the 9th seed in the Western Conference, 1 1/2 GB of the Phoenix Suns for the 8th and final playoff spot.  Hopefully they can ride the momentum of this big night all the way into a playoff spot.

It wasn't only Durant who impressed fans last night though.  Denver's Kenneth Faried also showed off a little something-something.  He let go of his losing frustrations and tore down the rim on this powerful windmill slam.

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