Friday, March 6, 2015

Jump on the Marvin Bagley III Bandwagon Now

When 6 foot 10 Marvin Bagley walks into the gym, jaws drop and eyes immediately like at Corona Del Sol of Arizona's roster.  This is when their eyes light up and they look back up at the most talented and promising 15 year old basketball player in America.  Then, they get to watch the monster go to work.  Bagley is not like any other 6 foot 10 high school player, his body is filled out and he can bang down low with big men already as a freshman.  Not only does he bang down low, he hustles up and down the floor and plays with a high motor.  After you get to see Bagley play you can look him up and find out he has a 4.0 GPA and already has offers from Arizona, UCLA, and UConn.  In a few years, if not sooner Kentucky, Duke, and all the other top teams in America will be knocking on Bagley's door and begging him to go to their school.  But for now watch highlights from Bagley's season below.

P.S. Marvin Bagley and Corona Del Sol also won the Arizona state title this year.  You can only think there is a few more of those to come in the young boy's future.

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