Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Minnesotta Grabs the 1st Pick in the 2015 NBA Draft Lottery

Last night brought emotional highs and lows.  The NBA Draft Lottery is like this every year.  Fans of the worst teams in the league either received something to look forward to, or they had their hearts broken.

For the first time in their history, the Minnesotta Timberwolves won the NBA Draft Lottery.  They are now on the clock with the first pick of the Draft, but they have until June 25th to make their decision.  While everyone debates on who they should pick, it is more than likely that they select Karl-Anthony Towns from Kentucky with the 1st pick.

After the Timberwolves, the rest of the Lottery will select in the following order:
2. Lakers
3. Philadelphia
4. Knicks
5. Orlando
6. Sacramento
7. Denver
8. Detroit
9. Charlotte
10. Miami
11. Indiana
12. Utah
13. Phoenix
14. Oklahoma City

After the Lakers found out they have the second pick, Kobe Bryant voiced his opinion on Twitter:

The New York Daily News helped voice the opinion of Knicks fans across New York.  Despite their "horrid" season, the Knicks only got the fourth pick in the upcoming draft.  Although their fans may dissapointed, the top 6 picks in the draft all have a good chance of landing a player that will greatly help develop their teams.  But then again, after suffering through a terrible season, the Knicks fans wanted the first pick.  As Chris Paul reminded us, "If you ain't first, you're last" - Ricky Bobby.  Well the Knicks may not be last, their fanbase surely feels like they are.

Once again, the 76ers have another high lottery pick, maybe this year they will actually pick a player who can play next season.  Two years ago they selected Nerlens Noel, who had to sit out his 1st year, and this past season they gathered up Joel Embiid and Dario Saric, who both sat out this past season.  Next year, they could possibly start 4 lottery picks from the past 3 drafts, but even then the Tank-A-Palooza may still continue. 

Although many teams hope to turn around the fortune of their respective franchise with the upcoming NBA Draft, their is no gurantee their picks will pay out.  The Draft comes with no promise, and until next year or even many years down the road we will just have an idea about the impact this class of players will impress on the league.  For all we know, these kids could be battling it out in the playoffs around this time in a few years, just like Steph Curry and James Harden are right now.

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