Monday, July 20, 2015

UNLV's Derrick Jones Kills a Defender Once Again

Derrick Jones is the nation's best dunker.  He is also a gifted prospect that can play from anywhere on the floor.  Ranked 30th of all incoming college freshman by ESPN, Jones took his talents to the courts this summer in order to tune up for college ball at UNLV.  The results... well let's just say it went viral.

A crazy dunk is nothing new for Derrick Jones, and neither is going viral.  UNLV fans should be getting ready to appear on Sports Center Top 10 every night this season.  Also, Zach Lavine should start practicing his dunks some more as Derrick Jones may be challenging him in the NBA Dunk Contest in a few years.  Don't believe he can beat Lavine? Just watch these videos: 

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