Friday, October 16, 2015

Nate Robinson Has Inked a One Year Deal with the Pelicans

After being one of the NBA's most entertaining players a few years ago, Nate Robinson's popularity and worth has dwindled for the last couple of years.  Although some NBA team's question whether or not Robinson is really worth signing, the New Orleans Pelicans have decided to sign the one time NBA star to a one year deal.  After Norris Cole went down with an injury, the Pelicans were looking for someone to fill the void.  The Pelicans are also unsure on whether or not Jrue Holiday will be free of injury this year. Robinson will bring energy to the court and also give New Orleans a good scoring option off of the bench.  In addition to being a good asset on the court, Robinson will also be beneficial to the team's chemistry.  Hopefully the ex-Slam Dunk champion and captivating player will be able to find his groove again this year provide some depth to New Orleans' backcourt.

Also, in case you have never seen it, Nate Robinson's own reality documentary series "State of Nate," is a must-watch for any and all basketball fans.  The series, filmed and produced by T.J. Regan, mainly highlights Robinson's balancing act between basketball, family, and more as he makes his journey through the NBA. 


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