Thursday, August 21, 2014

ESPN's Weird List of Best Shooting Guards

ESPN has a very weird list of the best shooting guards in the NBA.  The top 10 are 1. James Harden, 2. Dwyane Wade, 3. Monta Ellis, 4. Jimmy Butler, 5. Dion Waiters, 6. Tyreke Evans, 7. Victor Oladipo, 8. Klay Thompson, 9. Manu Ginobili, and 10. Lance Stephenson.  Ok, we can all agree that James Harden is the top shooting guard in the NBA.  Is Dwyane Wade really the second best?  Wade was one of the best guards a few years ago, but now is not even close to his old self.  Second is a little high for Wade, although Wade is probably going to have a monster season to prove he can win without LeBron.  Where is Kobe Bryant?  If Wade is second on this list, Kobe should at least be top 10.  Also where is Bradley Beal.  Beal is one of the only young pure shooters in the league.  Also where is the Raptors DeMar Derozan?  Another flaw is putting Klay Thompson and Manu Ginobili at 8 and 9.  There is no way Dion Waiters is the 5th best shooting guard in the league either. Who knows what ESPN was smoking when they put together their list of the best shooting guards in the league.  Here's a real list of the 10 best shooting guards in the NBA.

1. James Harden
2. Klay Thompson
3. Bradley Beal
4. Monta Ellis
5. Lance Stephenson
6. Manu Ginobili
7. Dwyane Wade
8. Kobe Bryant
9. DeMar Derozan
10. Joe Johnson

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