Thursday, August 21, 2014

John Calipari Calls into Mike Francesca Show

John Calipari made an appearance on the Mike Francesca Show yesterday.  The two talked for a long period of time from last season's loss against UConn, how he helps players enter the draft, his incoming freshman, and past teams and players.  They went on and on with great basketball talk.  After Calipari left Mike Francesca went on to talk about Cal's coaching style.  Francesca said Cal was not a great X's and O's coach and that his strengths were recruiting and motivating his talented players.  Moments later Mike got a call from "John in Kentucky".  Calipari called in to defend himself!  Calipari started to talk and admitted it was himself. 

Calipari: “That’s basically saying I can’t coach. You know what they call me? The Magician. Cal, the Magician.”
Francesca: “Waitaseckin’. Are there better X’s and O’s guys than you?”
Calipari: “You think I believe that?”
Francesca: “Yes.”
Calipari: “I will pass a lie detector test and say, ‘No.'”
Francesca: “No you won’t. No you won’t.”
Coach Calipari thinks he is the best X's and O's coach in college basketball.  Calipari is definitely not the best at X's and O's, but it is not like he is terrible.  Coach Cal is just that great at recruiting and motivating it makes him seem sub par with X's and O's.  Without doubt John Calipari is one of the best college coaches of all time, just don't argue with him about his strengths and weaknesses.  

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