Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gordon Dragic "Australia vs. Angola FIBA Game Was Fixed"

After Australia lost to Angola 91-83 this morning Gordon Dragic tweeted out his opionon.  His tweet read: "Basketball is a beautiful sport, there is no room for fixing the game like today Australia vs Angola!! @FIBA should do something about that!" Dragic was mad that Australia sat there starters for most of the game and tried to lose the game. Australia wanted to lose the game so they would avoid playing the loaded USA team in the quarterfinals. So basically, Australia tanked the game. But in no way was the game fixed. You would think Dragic would know the difference after playing in the same league as the Philadelphia 76ers. Most people don't like the idea of tanking and think it is unethical. But if you were the coach of the Australian team, wouldn't you do anything to avoid playing USA for another game? Whether you like it or not, by losing today Australia avoids playing USA for another round. Well, if they make it that far. The round of 16 starts this Saturday and Australia will face off against Turkey.

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