Friday, April 24, 2015

1 v. 1 with Chris Bass After the Celtics' Game 3 Loss

The Boston Celtics lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers 103-95.  Once again, the Cavs big three was just too much to handle.  If the Celtics can manage to slow down one of the big three, then the other two seem to do the damage.  Last night, it was LeBron and Love that killed Boston.  Kevin Love had his best game of the series with 23 points and 9 rebounds.  He also shot 6-10 from behind the arc, many of his shots are created by LeBron.  Despite James being double teamed and the man focus of the Celtics defense, he still managed to drop 31 points and grab 11 rebounds & 4 steals.  Boston was in the right place to steal a win, but in the end King James and crew are too much to tame for the Celtics.

After the game we caught up with Celtic Brandon Bass' brother, Chris Bass.  Chris like his brother played at LSU from 2008-2012.  He also attended Lee Academy Prep.  In his senior season there he averaged 16.9 points and 7 assists per game.  After the game we talked everything from Celtics to his future plans with basketball.  Below is the full interview:

Buzzer Beater Basketball:  Who is your vote for NBA MVP if you had to pick?

Chris Bass:  It's tough, I like Harden and I like Curry.  I think LeBron too still.  He's a good player and he makes everyone around him play better, and that's what I like.  He makes everyone around him better, and if he keeps it up he will be one of the greats.  

BBB:  Who is your prediction for the NBA Title this year?

CB:  I don't know, I think it's up in the air.  It will be tough this year I think.  Cleveland is a good team, um the Spurs will be there.  Memphis, I like Memphis.  I like the way they play inside with Zach Randolph and those guys, they make the game ugly.  They are a good team.

BBB: After you heard Isaiah Thomas did not win 6th Man of the Year, what was your reaction?

CB: It's tough not to give it to LouWill.  He had a consistent season compared to Isaiah, he had a couple ups and downs and got traded.  Thomas is one of the best guards in the league to me, he's a young bull, he can go.  I like him a lot.

BBB:  What is or was your favorite pre-game music?

CB: I listen to a lot of Lil Boosie, you know I'm from Louisiana.  A little Webby, Drake, I listen to a variety of things.  

BBB: What's your favorite shoe to hoop in?

CB:  I like Jordan's a lot, some Nike Zooms, some LeBron's.  I just like to mix it up, maybe some lowtops sometimes.

BBB:  After all the Celtic's roster movement earlier in the season, what is the main difference you have noticed with the team?

CB:  I think the transition with a lot of new guys, kind of rebuilding, they just have to be patient.  When you are dealing with a team with a lot of young guys, you're trying to get them ready, you just gotta be patient.  

BBB: As you talk to your brother and just watch the Celtics, what's are some differences you have noticed between Coach Stevens and Doc Rivers?  

CB:  I think Doc is a little more of an X & O guy, gave them a lot more plays.  Versus this year he (Brandon) had to go get on his own, that's what you deal with when you are building a team.  Just had to be patient and let it come to you.

BBB:  Who would win 1 on 1, you or Brandon?

CB: (Long Pause) Back and forth, he win sometimes, I win sometimes. 

BBB:  Chris Paul used to be your favorite player besides your brother, is that still the case?

CB:  Yeah.  I know Chris real well, that was one of my friends back when I was a freshman in college.  He played with my brother in New Orleans, with the Hornets, so we real tight.  He hit me up with some shoes too, that's my guy.

BBB: With Ben Simmons (#1 in the ESPN 100) and Antonio Blakeney (#15 in the ESPN 100) coming into LSU next year, what are your expectations for the team?

CB: They are going to do big things.  Some of those guys are McDonald's All Americans so they will have a lot of pressure on their shoulders, but they should come out and just play ball.  They already have a good team which will make the transition easier for them.  

BBB: If you could give any words to Malik Newman (#10 in the ESPN 100), what would you say to get him to commit to LSU?

CB:  I'd say come to LSU, there was many greats that went there.  I know Johnny O'Bryant, he is also from Mississippi and he knows him real well.  I think he should come, that would be like 5 freshman trying to be like the Fab 5 or something.  If he comes it will be good.  As I said, a lot have greats have gone there, Chris Jackson, Shaq, Brandon Bass, Glen Davis, and a lot of good guys have played there.  It would be good for him.

BBB:  I know you have future plans to coach, what is your ultimate goal?

CB: My ultimate goal is the college level.  I'm blessed to go back to my old high school, I have been trying to go back for a couple years now.  It's a dream come true.  I'm looking forward to college after that and you never know what it holds after that.

BBB:  Do you ever go back to LSU, and work with the players there to get more experience there?

CB:  Oh yeah, I work all the camps in the summer.  I'm cool with Johnny Jones and all the coaches and stuff like that.  I still talk to all those guys.  I'm cool with all the players on the team, we still play pickup now matter of fact, since the season's over with we playing a lot of pickup down there.

BBB:  So you are just playing with team that is still there, or any other people?

CB:  Yeah, a lot of guys that are still there like Tim Quarterman.  (Ben) Simmons is not there yet, I can't wait for the summer.

BBB: Are you going to play him 1 on 1?

CB: Hopefully, maybe pick up some assists to him throw him a couple alley-oops.  I love LSU though.

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